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We've been doing this for a while now.

Limitless Renovations owner Rob Pugliese has nearly 30 years of industry experience in the field, and just under 5 years as a business owner. Up until the Covid-19 pandemic, Rob worked in the flipper market and foreclosures were basically paused everywhere so he decided to lean into his own business. He caught the entrepreneurial bug, and it stuck.

Business pays the bills, but family is everything to us at Limitless.

A note from Rob Pugliese, owner

"I started this business and manage it in a way that would allow me to someday pass it on to my kids with honor and reputation behind the company's name so that future generations of our family are set up for success and our local community has a familiar, household name they can trust.

I am a family man. I am a father of 5. I am a businessman but I understand that everyone's situation is different so I will never stop trying to provide those that trust Limitless Renovations with the most transparent, honest and upfront pricing possible at all times, on EVERY project.

When I'm not working I'm with my family making memories. When I'm not with my family, I am working to grow my business and I believe that balance is what drives me, our company, to do better with each passing day.

We are involved with our local community in Mays Landing, NJ by donating Limitless sweatshirts and work boots to Oakcrest High School so students could visit the local carpenter's union, because children are our future and we believe that experiences for them are important.


We are incredibly fortunate to be in a position to give back to our community. 

Image by Jon Moore




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